SCANNING – How to Train it and Develop Game Awareness: See More, Think Quicker, Play better

SCANNING – How to Train it and Develop Game Awareness: See More, Think Quicker, Play better

Kevin McGreskin



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SCANNING – How to Train it and Develop Game Awareness

See More, Think Quicker, Play better

The Soccer eyeQ methodology is a proven and successful coaching method to increase scanning, improve game awareness, train your players to think quicker and make better decisions.
This groundbreaking book is written by Kevin McGreskin (UEFA A Licence and UEFA Coaching Instructor), who noticed the problem that too many players focus intently on the ball, control it, and only then look up to see the options.

The Average Player’s Limited Decision Making Process:

These players fail
 to be consistently effective for a number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to see opportunities
  • Tempo of their play is too slow
  • Allow the opposition to react and defend effectively
  • Poor support in both attack and defence

The Proven Soccer eyeQ Training Methodology Process:

The Soccer eyeQ practices force players to scan more frequently and read the game situation by adding visual cues, which the players must spot and call out before receiving.

With the “picture” created, your players will:

  • Be quicker and sharper
  • Improve game awareness
  • Make quicker and better decisions in all situations
“Juego de Posición” 4v4 (+3) Example

The Soccer eyeQ Progression

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Train scanning and game awareness through innovative training practices
  • Train your players (and team) to take in information quicker
  • Train your players to create a picture of what’s around them
  • Create an essential habit
  • Greatly enhance your players’ decision making skills
Pep Guardiola“Taking the right decision in the right moment. That is the most difficult thing in football.”

Pep Guardiola

The top players in the world scan the most and this is your chance to develop your players and improve their game awareness to scan like the best; De BruyneMbappeDe JongXaviFabregasIniestaHenryLampard, and Gerrard.
Xavi“Think quickly, look for spaces. That’s what I do: look for spaces. All day. I’m always looking. All day, all day.”


The Soccer eyeQ methods can:

  • Easily be added into your training sessions to increase scanning
  • Make your players faster and more effective in training and matches

See More – Think Quicker – Play Better!

Learn to coach your players to increase scanning, improve game awareness, think quicker and make better decisions
SCANNING - How to Train it and Develop Game Awareness
  • 216 Pages
  • 16 Tactical Examples
  • 53 Practices
  • U12-Pro Level
The book includes these sections:

  • The Soccer eyeQ Methodology
  • Level 1 – Scanning of the Playing Area (Observation)
  • Level 2 – Reading the Game Situation (Realization)
  • Level 3 – Predicting How Play Will Develop (Anticipation)
  • Soccer eyeQ Training Practices
  • Adding the Soccer eyeQ Method to Existing Practices

16 Tactical Examples including:

  • Incorrect and Correct Reading the Game Situation (Attack)
  • Incorrect and Correct Reading the Game Situation (Defence)
  • Incorrect and Correct Predicting How Play will Develop
  • Xavi’s “off the Scale” Scanning Match Example
  • Scanning to Defend Effectively: Man City’s Laporte Example

53 Practices and Progressions including:

  • Passing Drill Example 2: Short and Long Passing Circuit
  • Passing Drill Example 2: Adding the Soccer eyeQ Method – Progression
  • Possession Game Example 2: End to End 3 Zone Possession Game
  • Possession Game Example 2: Adding the Soccer eyeQ Method – Progression 1 & 2
  • Small Sided Game Example 1: Scan to Play Forward Bounce Game
  • Small Sided Game Example 1: Adding the Soccer eyeQ Method – Progression 1

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