The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III

The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III

Frédéric Delavier, Michael Gundill


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Frederic Delavier, the mastermind behind the bestselling Strength Training Anatomy phenomenon, delivers once again. More than two million readers have turned to his books to find the most effective exercises in strength training. Now, in The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III, Delavier and co-author Michael Gundhill picks up where Volume II left off. Strength Training Anatomy III is loaded with 146 of Delavier s unparalleled illustrations and 195 photos depicting proper exercise technique. These are supplemented with descriptions, explanation of muscle engagement and interactions, variations, benefits, limitations and safety considerations. You ll be able to assemble these exercises into advanced programmes for long-term strength and muscle development. Break past your training plateaus with high-tech strength training protocols like electrical stimulation, blood flow restriction and vibration and oscillation training. In the striking detail that only Frédéric Delavier offers, The Strength Training Anatomy Workout III helps you cross the threshold to advanced muscle development and strength gains.

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Εκδόσεις Human Kinetics
Έτος Έκδοσης 2019
ISBN 978-1492588511
Εξώφυλλο Μαλακό
Διαστάσεις 19.30 × 25.40 εκ.


Part I. Deepen Your Understanding of Advanced Anatomy and Morphology
Analyze Your Anatomy and Morphology
?    The Worst Squat in the World
?    Anatomy and Morphology: Concepts That Are Often Misunderstood
?    There Is No Miracle Exercise That Is Perfect for Everyone
?    Are the Proportions of the Vitruvian Man Real?
?    A Few Simple Rules
?    Analysis of Arm Length
?    Long and Short Torsos
?    The Ratio Between the Abdomen and the Rib Cage
?    Large Hips/Narrow Hips: How Does This Affect the Thighs?
?    Short Thighs/Long Thighs
?    The Paradox of Upper-Body/Lower-Body Development
?    Genetic Secrets of the Calves
?    Conclusion
?    When Your Future Is Obvious From Your Morphology
Understand the Pathologies Related to Strength Training So You Can Protect Yourself
?    Success, Yes… but Not at Any Cost!
?    Be Clever Like a Chess Player
Learn to Structure Your Warm-Up
?    Start With a Total Body Warm-Up
?    Specific Warm-Up for Weak Areas
?    Complete Warm-Up for the Muscle Groups That You Plan to Work
Joint Hypermobility Caused by Hormone Fluctuations
?    The Function of Relaxin
?    Fatigue: Another Cause of Joint Hypermobility
?    The Weather Report and Joint Pain
?    How to Manage Temporary Joint Hypermobility or Sensitivity to the Weather
?    What to Do If a Hypermobile Joint Does Not Get Better
How to Alternate Exercises to Avoid Repetitive Injuries
Can an Athlete Escape Wolff’s Law?
What Is the Proper Range of Motion for Maximum Gain Without Injury?
?    Partial or Full Repetitions?
?    The Advantages of a Full Range of Motion/Disadvantages of a Partial Range of Motion
?    The Disadvantages of a Full Range of Motion/Advantages of a Partial Range of Motion
?    Conclusion

Part II. Training and Recovery Techniques
Advanced Training Techniques
?    Target Muscles With Surgical Precision
?    The Method of Contraction Influences the Muscle Area That Is Recruited
?    Strategies for Adjusting Rest Breaks Between Sets
?    Practical Applications of the Jendrassik Maneuver
?    Changing the Center of Gravity by Adding Weight
?    The Give-and-Take Theory for Progress
High-Tech Bodybuilding Methods
?    Electrical Muscle Stimulation
?    What Is the Point of Blood Flow–Restricted Training?
?    Vibration and Oscillation Techniques
Secrets for Recovery
?    A Better Definition of the Concept of Overtraining
?    Heterogeneous Recovery Times
?    Double Shock
?    Nervous System Damage Following a Workout
?    How Can You Promote Nerve Recovery?
?    Understanding Aches and Pains Better
?    Ensure Tendon and Joint Recovery
?    Master Recovery Through Targeted Supplementation

Part III. Strength Training
Enlarge and Protect the Shoulders
?    Specific Shoulder Pathologies
?    Problems Developing the Shoulders

Shoulder Rotation With a Band
Jammer Press
One-Arm Lateral Raise, Cheating, With a Dumbbell

Attack the Complex Muscles of the Back
?    Anatomy and Morphology Characteristics
?    Pathology Specifics
?    Problems Developing the Back

Weightlifting Snatch
Deadlift for the Latissimus Dorsi
Reverse Hyperextension
Delavier’s Shrug

Target the Chest
?    Why Is the Development of Chest So Unbalanced?
?    Anatomy Specifics
?    Specific Information About Good Training Materials

Isolation Shrug for the Upper Chest (Gundill’s Shrug)
Floor Press

Build the Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms
?    Problems Developing the Biceps
?    Problems Developing the Triceps

Finger Extension
Power Biceps Curl Using a Low Pulley
Power Triceps Extension Using a High Pulley

Strengthen the Core
?    Problems With Core Strength
?    Problems Trimming Fat
?    Problems With Water Retention in the Abs
?    Problems With a Muscle That Lacks Endurance

The Plank and Its Many Variations for Static Core Strengthening
Standing Power Crunch With a Resistance Band for Dynamic Core Work

Fill In the Quadriceps
?    Biomechanical Specifics
?    Specifics About Proper Training Materials
?    Morphological Characteristics
?    Problems Developing the Quadriceps

Belt Squat
Squat Using a Machine
Vertical Leg Press

Catch Up the Hamstrings
?    Anatomy and Morphology of the Hamstrings
?    Problems Developing the Hamstrings
?    Problems With Regional Recruitment of the Hamstrings

Glute-Ham Raise
Hip Extension

Fill In the Adductors and the Sartorius
?    Anatomy and Morphology of the Adductors
?    The Sartorius Is an Indispensable Muscle for Competitions

Thigh Adduction Using a Machine
Sartorius Exercise

Understand and Manage Unequal Development in the Calves
?    Physiological Characteristics

Belt Squat Calf Raise

Part IV. Advanced Programs
Advanced Warm-Up Programs
?    Basic Warm-Up
?    Complete Warm-Up
Advanced Programs to Catch Up Weak Areas
?    Catch Up the Arms
?    Catch Up the Upper Chest
?    Catch Up the Back of the Shoulders
?    Catch Up the Back
?    Catch Up the Thighs

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