The Happy Runner

The Happy Runner

Love the Process, Get Faster, Run Longer

David Roche, Megan Roche

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Is your daily run starting to drag you down? Has running become a chore rather than the delight it once was? Then The Happy Runner is the answer for you.

Authors David and Megan Roche believe that you can’t reach your running potential without consistency and joyful daily adventures that lead to long-term health and happiness. Guided by their personal experiences and coaching expertise, they point out the mental and emotional factors that will help you learn exactly how to become a happy runner and achieve your personal best.

Following the “some work, all play” approach, The Happy Runner introduces the three commandments of happy running and teaches you how to balance the effort of running with the simple joy of the activity:

• Learn how to run fast, run long, and stay healthy with proven training methods.

• Read real stories from professional and recreational athletes who have had personal breakthroughs as they learned to love the process of running.

• Understand how to adapt your running based on your personal lifestyle and goals as well as avoid setbacks from injury.

• Develop your self-belief and make positivity your default setting so you can reach your goals.

Whether you’re battling burnout, are returning after an injury, or are new to running and want to enjoy a 5K or an ultramarathon, the science-based training guidance in The Happy Runner will help you get faster, go longer, and live stronger—all with a smile.



«I’ve spent years in a tumultuous relationship with racing and running. In The Happy Runner Megan and David Roche share the secrets to reformulating your relationship not just with running, but with life.»
—Amelia Boone, Spartan Racing World Champion

“In all my years as a professional triathlete I never had a coach who put my happiness first. I will be forever grateful that I found David and Megan. Find your happiness in The Happy Runner!”
—Charlotte Paul, Professional Triathlete, 2-time Ironman Champion

«The Happy Runner mind-set has really helped me to stop fixating on what I want to become and instead appreciate what I have. If we don’t enjoy the process, strive in the difficulties, and embrace the mundane, we will be chasing a never-ending finish line, which can only end in defeat. Regardless of your profession or athleticism, this book will remind you that we are enough; we are awesome; and anything that we do on top of that is just extra icing on top of an already delicious cake.”
—Keely Henninger, 2018 Winner of the Lake Sonoma 50 Miler and Chuckanut 50K

“Megan and David capture the essence of good coaching in The Happy Runner by challenging runners to zoom out and take the long view of their running. From this vantage point, motivation, goals and process all fall into place. By coupling these foundational elements firmly to compassionate self-acceptance, they empower runners to run more joyfully and more successfully. Their enthusiasm for sharing this proven route to more satisfying running is evident on every page, and their expertise shines through their athletes’ success stories.”
—Liza Howard, Four-Time Winner of USATF National Championships

The Happy Runner is the best running book you’ll ever read because it’s about so much more than just running: love, death, and above all, happiness.”
—Clare Gallagher, Winner of the 2016 Leadville 100 Miler

“This book has kept me in the most contented, thoughtful, and kind company through endless hours and situations. It constantly helps me to ‘zoom out,’ giggle, smile, and run with total freedom in my heart.”
—Meg Mackensie, Professional Trail Runner

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Εκδόσεις Human Kinetics
Έτος Έκδοσης 2019
ISBN 978-1492567646
Εξώφυλλο Μαλακό
Διαστάσεις 17.50 × 25,10 εκ.


Part I. The Happy Runner Rules

Chapter 1. Embrace the Process

Chapter 2. Know Your Why

Chapter 3. Power Yourself With Kindness

Chapter 4. It’s Not All Puppies and Unicorns

Part II. The Happy Runner Training Principles

Chapter 5. Principle 1: Easy Means Easy, Not the Absence of Pain

Chapter 6. Principle 2: Learn How to Run Fast Before You Practice Running Hard

Chapter 7. Principle 3: Build Strength From Speed

Chapter 8. Principle 4: Specificity Matters, but Less Than You May Think

Chapter 9. Principle 5: Healthy Running Is Active and Earned

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Ιωάννης Τσανικλίδης, προπονητής ποδοσφαίρου

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