Goalkeeper training program

Goalkeeper training program

120 drills to produce top class goalkeepers

Maarten Arts



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Goalkeeper Training Program

120 Drills to Produce Top Class Goalkeepers

A proven program to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level
Maarten Arts (UEFA A Coaching Licence) has many years of coaching experience at the elite level all around the world and has created a full blueprint of 120 Drills to produce top class Goalkeepers.

Who is this book for?

  1. Goalkeeper coaches that want proven drills to develop Goalkeepers to a high level
  2. All coaches and/or assistants to learn how to coach Goalkeepers

This training program has proved to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level, from juniors up to top-level international Goalkeepers.

This book shows you how to develop Goalkeepers with specific drills, but it will also inspire you to create your own drills in the image of this program. Included with each drill, there are detailed coaching points which are essential to develop Goalkeepers in the best way.

This book focuses on the fundamental technical skills needed to become a top class goalkeeper and includes chapters “Drills with Outfield Players” and “Goalkeeper Games” to show you how to use these skills in situations similar to a match.

120 Drills from the 12 chapters includes:

1. Catching

2. Falling

3. Diving

4. Punching

5. Parrying

6. High Balls

7. One v One

8. Technical Skills with the Feet

9. Footwork

10. Distribution

11. Drills with Outfield Players

12. Goalkeeper Games

A proven program to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level
Spanish Football Federation Coaching Program U9-12
  • 148 Pages
  • 120 Drills
  • U10-Pro Level
There are 120 Drills including:

  • Catching and Awareness Drill
  • Fast Reactions and Turning + Falling Save
  • Diving and Pushing the Ball Away from Danger
  • Quick Footwork and Punching the Ball Over the Crossbar
  • Quick Side-steps, Dive High and Parry Away in a Dynamic Goalkeeper Circuit
  • Continuous High Ball Catches from Different Angles
  • “Block Position” in a 1 v 1 Situation using Mini Goals
  • One-Two Combinations with Short and Long Passing
  • Speed and Coordination Training with a Ladder + Catch and Throw
  • Short and Long Distribution in a Circuit Points Game
  • 4 v 1 / 8 v 2 Rondos with the Goalkeeper/s in the Middle
  • End to End 2 Zone Rebounder Game


Επιπλέον Πληροφορίες

Εκδόσεις SoccerTutor
Έτος Έκδοσης 2019
ISBN 978-1910491294
Εξώφυλλο Μαλακό
Διαστάσεις 18 × 26 εκ.


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