32 drills in the passing-diamond (αγγλική έκδοση)

32 drills in the passing-diamond (αγγλική έκδοση)

With detailed coachings for passer and receiver!

Steven Turek


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  • 15 Variations in the Passing-Diamond
  • 7 Variations for Hidden Give-and-Go’s
  • 4 Variations for the Play into the Depth of the Pitch
  • 4 Training Exercises in the Passing-Diamond
  • 2 Training Methods with Finishing

Passing is one of the most (if not the most) fundamental elements existing in soccer. Regardless of whether passes in the build-up, for instance: A centre-back who passes the ball to a centre-midfielder or in the last third as a deadly pass into the penalty area – accurate passing is crucial for every philosophy and style of play.

A pass is that much more than the pure technical completion of passing the ball from player A to player B. Both the player on the ball and the receiver of the ball are situated under different tactical influences of the particular situation – sometime an opponent comes from the behind, sometime at first a space needs to be opened in order to pass the ball to a specific player. Reproducing those competitive-circumstances is the purpose of training passing.

This book wants to make principles and coaching tips available to coaches who want to train passing in an effective and authentic way. Theoretical ideas around passing (which can be used for many different practices!), are followed by different training concepts which occur in a specific organization – the diamond. With the assistance of this elementary organization, different variations of authentic passing can be quickly and effectively trained. In keeping with the diamond-organization, various exercises with different numbers of players can be performed. Even therefore, the book provides a varied selection.



German Drills in the Passing diamond

Be Conscious about your Surroundings!

In order to come to an intelligent decision on the ball, it is necessary to perceive the situation as early as possible. Therefore, every player should orientate himself before controlling the ball by observing his surroundings through views over his shoulder. However, the player needs to be aware that if his teammate is on the ball, he needs to be open for a pass.

Example: In the lower illustration #6 and #8 are central players. #4 is on the ball. In an ideal situation, both players should be open for a pass. If the pass is on its way to a fellow player, #6 and #8 need to coordinately reposition and additionally orientate themselves through a view over their shoulder. The same holds true for Pass 2. The moment when #7 is on the ball, an open player already need to has orientated himself to be ready for the pass. The guiding principle is ‘Orientate yourself by the time the pass is on its way’.



drill in the passing diamond hidden give an go

Description: A starts an initial dribbling. With this dribbling, B starts a run straight towards the ball. A plays a deep pass to C which is passed through by B. B opens up again and receives the ball. With the back pass, D starts a run and is passed to by a tunnel-pass between the Centre-back and the wing-back. D directly passes into the ball-away mini-goal. Following this, the same combination is performed from the other side.

Position Changes: A runs through and takes over the original position of B in the depth of the field. B stations on the position at the wing from D, D takes over the position of C and C runs through to the starting point.

Coaching Points: With his energetic run towards the ball, B pulls out a defender. Further, B is supposed to orientate himself through a view over his shoulder in order to assure that it is possible to pass the ball through. After he passes the ball through, he opens up immediately.


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