Warm Ups To Maximise Performance: 50 Practices | Youth To Pro | Training Week | Football Periodization

Warm Ups To Maximise Performance: 50 Practices | Youth To Pro | Training Week | Football Periodization

Adam Owen



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Warm Ups from a World Leading High Performance Expert to Maximise the Performance of Your Players and Team

Following the success of his best-selling book, “Football Periodization to Maximise Performance,” and his unparalleled expertise in football science and performance coaching, Adam Owen PhD (High Performance Expert and UEFA Pro & A License Educator) now focuses on optimising the warm up phase of training for coaches at all levels.

Key Benefits of this Book for Coaches:

  • Strategic Planning: Learn to plan engaging and progressively challenging warm up practices tailored to your team’s needs.
  • Targeted Preparation: Discover how to adapt warm ups for specific training days to prime players physically and mentally.
  • Alignment with Objectives: Seamlessly integrate warm ups with session objectives, incorporating conditioning, technical skills, and mental readiness.
  • Injury Prevention: Reduce the risk of injuries by using the correct warm up types and intensity for specific training days.
  • Motivation and Performance: Keep players motivated and enhance individual and team performance.
Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

If the daily training content is not expertly planned, insufficient conditioning and higher rates of injury can occur, radically reducing the performances of the players and the team. Using his vast knowledge of football science and performance coaching, Adam’s football periodization methodology provides the answers for coaches at all levels.

Learn How to Improve Player/Team Performance:

  • Maximise Warm Up Time: Make the most of the crucial 10-15 minutes with varied and effective warm up practices.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Different types of warm ups for resistance, speed endurance, reaction, and pre-match activation are needed to address various aspects of player readiness.
  • Physical Preparation: Prepare players for the physical demands of the session/game, including directional changes, sprints, and jumps.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Encourage growth, physical adaptation, and sustained improvement suitable for all levels – from youth to professional.

The Football Periodization Methodology:

This warm up book is an invaluable tool, but is one piece of a larger methodology fully outlined in the “Football Periodization to Maximise Performance” book, so we highly recommend adding it to your library to learn from the full training program.

Elite Academy Coaching

Football Periodization to Maximise Performance

  • Available from SoccerTutor.com – Buy Your Copy Here
  • Proven Methodology to Maximise Performance of your Players and Team
  • How to Design Training Sessions and Training Week (102 Practices included)
  • More Warm Ups + Technical, Conditioning, Possession, and Training Games
  • Produce Optimum Conditioning, Low Injury Rates, and High Performance
  • Tapering Strategy = Players Arrive in Optimal Condition for the Match!
Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

“Adam provides an outstanding mixture of applied research, practical application and tremendous experience in the world of high-performance football.”

Warm Ups from a World Leading High Performance Expert to Maximise the Performance of Your Players and Team

Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

Key Stats

Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance116 Pages
Warm Ups to Maximise the PerformanceFull Colour Print
Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance50 Practices
Warm Ups to Maximise the PerformanceYouth-Pro Level

Included Practice Examples:

  • Resistance: “Crossfire” Passing, Agility, and Speed 4-Corners Technical Warm Up
  • Speed Endurance: Progressive Overload Speed and Agility Exercises Circuit Training
  • Reaction Speed: Passing and Reactions for Speed Work in a 4-Grid Warm Up
  • Activation: Dynamic “Stop & Go” Speed Work with Changes of Direction Warm Up

Adam Owen PhD (Author of this Book)

Credentials (Coaching / Academic):

  • Combination UEFA Pro & A Licence Coach Educator for England FA
  • UEFA Coach Educator for various other football federations
  • UEFA Pro Licence
  • PhD in Sport Science and Coaching

Football Roles:

  • High-Performance and Technical Advisor, KKS Lech Poznań
  • Assistant Head Coach, Hibernian FC
  • High-Performance Director and Technical Advisor, Seattle Sounders FC
  • High-Performance Director and Assistant Coach, Hebei China Fortune FC
  • Head Coach, KS Lechia Gdanśk, Poland
  • Sport Science and Fitness Coach, Wales National Team
  • Assistant Manager, FC Servette & Sheffield United FC
  • Head of Performance, Rangers FC
  • Head of Sport Science and Fitness, Sheffield Wednesday FC
  • Head of Academy Performance and Technical Coach, Celtic FC
  • Academy Head Coach, Wrexham FC
  • Player, Wrexham FC
Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

What Top Players Say About Working with Adam Owen PhD

Javier Mascherano (Argentina Under 20 National Team Manager)

“Adam and I started working together when he arrived in China. He is a great professional and person who shows a high level of passion and quality within his working methodology in football.

I am grateful to him for the time we were working together, as he was a great help to me both professionally and personally. We remain in contact, and I hope we will get the chance to work together again in the future.”

Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

Gareth Bale (Real Madrid and Wales National Team player):

“Adam is someone I have always trusted and whose opinion and advice I trust. We remained in constant communication between international duties and always had an excellent personal and professional relationship.

Having worked for so long together at the elite international level of the game, it shows his professional quality and worth. Adam is someone who has helped me through my career and is someone I always enjoyed working with on a day-to-day basis.”

Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

Aaron Ramsey (Juventus FC and Wales National Team player):

“After knowing and working with Adam for many years internationally, I consider him to be a top professional in his area of expertise, and someone with whom I have been able to improve different areas of my game, due to his methodology and knowledge.”

Warm Ups to Maximise the Performance

Additional Info

Publisher SoccerTutor
Year 2024
ISBN 9781910491683
Pages 116
Cover Soft
Βάρος 550g


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