Tactics Manager 4.3.2

Tactics Manager 4.3.2


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Coaching software that enables you to create

your own practices, tactics and plan sessions

Used by 37,000+ Coaches Worldwide

Youth, Academy, Semi-pro, Pro & National FAs


✔ Quick and easy to use – Create diagrams in minutes!
✔ Work offline – No Internet Connection needed!
✔ One-time only cost + Free Version updates for life!
✔ Use on WinMac & iPadAndroid Tablet and Chromebook

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Tactics Manager Pro
Main Features
Manage Devices, Licence & Users
 Use on More Devices → 2 Desktops & 1 Tablet ( iPad / Android / Chrombook)

 Manage My Devices → Self managed to delete a device and register a new one

 Got a Multi-Licence? → Now easy to add/remove users

 Licence Changed from Product key to Email → Now just login, easy!

 Curved Lines → Now super quick and easy to achieve with more control

 Wiggly Lines → Now more control over the wave width and distance

 Square and Circle → The outline line thickness and colour can now be changed

 Speech → The outline line thickness, colour, and fill colour can now be changed

▶ Play Video Demo
Video Demo
Save to JPEG
 Crop & Export in Better Quality → high resolution images
 Male and Female players → Now add onto the pitch together

 Player Drop-Shadow → Now able to turn off drop-shadow

File Management
 Added “Grid View” → with Thumbnail File Previews

 Sort files and folder by → Name and Date A-Z, Z-A

 Export to JPEG or PDF → without having to open file

 Easier to multi-select → Delete or Move to different folders

Cloud Saving
 Free Cloud Saving → 20 practices / 2 sessions included for Existing users

 Unlimited Cloud Saving → Subscribe for unlimited files across all your devices *

* Integrated Cloud Saving Option enabling your files to be saved and opened on all devices you use (no need for manual transfers)

Other Features
Change Player Shirt to Stripes
Change Player Shirt to Stripes
Change Players / GK to Female
Change Players / GK to Female
Change Player / GK Skin tone Change Player / GK Skin tone2 Improved Pitch Angles
2 Improved Pitch Angles


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